Css action movie replacements!

Hey all I just thought I would let you all in on a little project I plan to take up soon. I am rather busy with work so I may not be able to show anything for a week or so, maybe I can start work on it on monday but I dont know.

Anyway without further adue I give you:

ACTION MOVIE HERO’S FOR Counter-Strike Source.

My plan is to recreate the following actors in the character you see them as in these pics, They will bring a little holywood to CSS, they will also be good for garrysmod if somone would like to hex them. Anyway I will probably make Daniel Craig as James Bond first as he will be the easiest. However I would like ANY help so if anyone has any models (say ripped from the quantum of solace game) it would really help. Your name will also be in the credits if you provide me with anything usefull. I had great community support when I made the Halo 3 Player models pack and I am counting on you guys to show interest and provide feedpack, I am also open to any suggestions.

Heres the pics,

The Counter Terrorists will consist of:


And the Terrorists will consist of:


I am open to suggestions and I will appreciate any resources you the community can provide me with (any models of these people would be fantastic) and I will build from there. Enjoy.

Please tell me that Craig isn’t gonna be as Bond.

Needs moar 80’s (and some of them early 90’s)

-Bruce Willis (20 years younger)
-Gary Oldman
-Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger)

-Samuel L Jackson
-Kurt Russell
-Robert De Niro
-Carl Weathers

so… old v new

In other words, a project that will never get off the ground and be forgotten in a few days. Brilliant!

Replace Daniel Craig with Mr. T.

Then I will like it.

the best kind!

[sp] almost like yours then :smiley: [/sp]

VG, just about all of my projects have been completed, but they have not been released, and for good reason.

Whatever, lol. Put up or shut up.

but you havent updated anything in ages :c
i want to see that badass mohawk ninja dude

Alright, I’ll provide an update for him soon.

You stay out of this.

Would this not be confusing? Some of these characters could be on any side, and in a match, there could be lots of friendly fire. Even with FF off, it could throw people off.

So there needs to be more of a style difference.

Well I guess Bale and Butler are the only real ones I am thinking of.

Haha this is actually a really good idea. I think Vin Deisal should be in there as Riddick, but as a bad guy since Riddick was actually a bad guy in the beginning before Chronicles of Riddick raped his character.

And yes, Bruce Willis should definitely be the age he was in the original Die Hard, since the first movie was the best one.

That’s a given with most custom player model packs. The MW2 pack kept throwing me off all the damn time until the FEAR 2 replica T-pack came out and I used that to make it easier to tell them apart. I still have one of the MW2 traitors as a T since I didn’t like the unmasked replica model, and I STILL have trouble with that model.

The best thing you could do is to color their outfits, almost like Valve did for the classes in TF2.

I think Bruce Campbell should be in there somewhere.


Maybe replacing Angelina Jolie. We ain’t needin’ women.

I agree. Women is made for sexin’, not for shootin’. Know what I mean?

Step 1) Make crazy idea post
Step 2) Pick nose
Step 3) Close project due to lack of content/motivation



oh and you forgot sean connery


Seriously this is some great news. I really hope you release it one day… no more will I have to do “sci-fi samurai” poses with the Neo-Tokyo models - I could do real samurai poses.

I agree with Tunak’s suggestion of the 80’s style counter-terrorists (which, if you think about it, makes more sense), but I liked these (I know some of these are up there), since your suggestions also bring up some ideas:
Steven Seagal (Perhaps as a CT, since he is the cook/completely- normal- dude-turned Navy SEAL in everyone of his movies). Younger version, probably Under Siege (incidentally, the Tommy Lee Jones terrorist that takes over the battleship is also extremely badass, if you haven’t watched it).

Chow Yun Fat (Probably as Tequila Yuen, but he’s pretty much the same in all of his movies) as a Counter-Terrorist, since he practically was the first Gun-Fu action movie guy.


Michael Douglas and Ken Takakura from Black Rain

And finally for kicks, Simon Pegg as Sergeant Nicholas Angel

** TL:DR **
** Steven Seagal ** (Also, Tommy Lee Jones?)
** Chow Yun Fat **
** Jean Reno ** (Perhaps opposite Gary Oldman? bah)
** Michael Douglas **
**Simon Pegg ** (Sgt. Nicholas Angel)
Where the hell is Michael Biehn?!

Hahaha Trolls that think im going to quit this project please leave the thread, for those who are interested I am going forward with this. I am going to do the Jason Stathem character first, I want to do Daniel Craig for Bond, but if people really do not want this I might reconsider, I also might replace Angie if everyone has something agaisnt that character.

Don Johnson is required.

Also, fuck steven seagal. All about Jean Claude Van Damme.


Fuck, wait, Bill Duke. Motherfucker is awesome.