CSS Animations

Is there any way to animate the Counter-Strike Source player models (ct_urban.mdl, not urban.mdl) to animate properly with all the body offsets and such?
Right now I only got the animations for run, walk, crouch and jumping to work, but the body offsets aren’t working properly. As shown here.
The player model is not aiming at all, and is just facing straight, how would I fix this?

Also, my second question is, how would I be able to blend the body offset and hand offset sequences that the model has?
I know that it blends about 3 or so sequences at one time to make one animation and to show it properly.

Why not just use CS:S playermodels shipped with GMod?

Because they don’t have the CS:S animations on them? It’s all replaced with the Garry’s Mod ones.

I don’t think you will be able to complete this fully, CS:S and GMod use different animation systems for playermodels if I am not mistaken. Anyway, you should look into poseparameters on CS:S models, if they have any.

They do, except i tried using the pose parameters, but it doesn’t work.