css blood effects for gmod?

I was wondering if there’s a way to replace the blood effects on gmod with the css blood effect. In my opinion, the default gmod blood effect is over-exaggerated.

Something like this?

not exactly. I was looking for blood particles

I know there was an addon on the .org site that was like that. Maybe look for that to see if you could get it to work for Gmod 13.

You can make custom particles, But good luck overwriting the default ever since the new update that changed the way you load them.

You can’t overwrite default ones for some god awful reason.

Magenta is right tried for three fucking whole hours trying to replace it to alien blood for my zombie darkrp class. Would not fucking work. What a shame.

well, garry still has a lot of things to fix, so hopefully the blood will be fixed in the next update.

There’s L4D2 blood, which, in my opinion, looks better.