CSS blood effects?

I was was wondering if there is a way to replace the default blood splatter effects on gmod with the counter strike effect or some other custom effect. I personally think that the default is way too exaggerated. I can’t find any blood effects anywhere on the workshop. just textures.

Yeah, look on workshop or type it into google, there’s tons.

Those are all TEXTURES though. I want the splatter effect.

They’re both the same? Lol

Allow me to rephrase. I’m looking for the custom PARTICLE EFFECTS.

perhaps you can do it manually by moving the effects from css and into gmod

The blood hits in css are not pcf’s but instead are hard coded I believe.

I honestly don’t care if the effects are from CSS. I’ll take any particle effect that replaces the default tidal wave of blood.

Let me rephrase what I said: CSS, CSGO, GMod, they use the same blood effect.

You’ve obviously never played CSS


You could look inside CS:S’s .vpks with GCFScape and copy the /particle/ folder to GMod.

If that still doesn’t work, I’ve found blood particles on garrysmod.org before.

I did and still do.
The blood effect when no one has kevlar and gets gooshed is the exact same in density and radius.
You’ve obviously never played CSS.

well I found a pretty cool blood effect, and just replaced the default effect in my gmod folder and it works. I really wish there were more to choose from though.

Go look on game banana for more.

Holy fuck dude you are so wrong.


there’s really not very much to choose from, but I’m happy with what I found.