CSS Configuration Won't Open?

For some reason today, after installing that new updated CSS, my SDK for it stopped working for both 2006 and 2009 engine.

When I try to open it, it gives me a pop up that says:
Warning: The configuration information for the game you’re trying to edit is invalid or missing. Run anyway; Cancel; Help…;

If I click Run Anyway, it gives me the error message:
gameinfo.txt doesn’t exist in c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps******\counter-strike source\cstrike.

If I click Help… it just sends me to the hole page of the valve wiki… which isn’t help at all!

Every time I get back into mapping, something has to break ;_; lol

Note: I tried to use the option to “Edit Came Configurations” from the SDK main menu. When I do so, nothing happens. It just changes the selected “Current Game” back to HL2, and nothing happens.

If I’m not mistaken, they pushed CSS over to Source 2009, just make a new game configuration under Source 2009 and point it to the cstrike folder.


Actually, just press Reset Game Configurations, it should fix it.

Damn, I just reinstalled it.

For some reason, hammer isn’t loading with 2009 engine for me…

I tried running it in 2006 and 2009.
I also tried resetting, it didn’t fix though.

I’m going to try re-installing SDK.

Nothing in source engine 2009 works for me. I click hammer and nothing happens. A look a the processes tab of the task manager shows it starts up briefly and then terminates.
I think valve enjoys breaking stuff

It does the same thing for me. but I always have really shitty luck with things working the way they are supposed to, so I figured it was just me this time.

I have the same issue

When I saw that they updated the SDK I thought they fixed that but they didnt…

Problem fixed!

Solution: You need to play Counter-Strike: Source at least once.
Since it’s a new version of the game, your computer/steam needs to re-cache the files, just like it did the very first time you loaded Garry’s Mod. After opening CSS, the SDK will be fixed.

thx dude it works now


Never mind it doesnt… I lied


Im going to go try re-starting my computer

You are running it in engine version: 2006 right?
The 2009 one doesn’t work for some reason. 2006 should.

Yes I am… I dont have the option to do CSS in 2009 do I need to make a configuration for it in 2009?


Set the engine version to 2009, press edit game configurations, set the name to Counter-Strike: Source and set the path to your steamapps\username\counterstrike\cstrike folder.

Alright il go try

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im still having issues… in 2006. I cant seem to open 2009 like you…

  1. Make sure you have the newest version of CSS (the one with the new achievements)
  2. Right click on Source SDK, delete local content. Then re-install it.
  3. Open CSS, play a round. Quit.
  4. Open Source SDK. Set engine to 2006. Select Counter-Strike: Source. Then open hammer.

This SHOULD work.
The whole 2009 thing not working may have to do with what games are owned or some crap. My 2009 engine doesn’t work with any settings, and from what I know 2007 has always been broken. 2006 is the only engine type that works for me. Trying to do 2009 just makes the computer load nothing.
I also don’t have orange box though. That’s why i’m assuming it isn’t working.


I found that when I deleted SDK and re-installed it before I played CSS, when I opened SDK it had more games available in 2009 engine. It took longer to re-install as well. So i’m just assuming the re-install is necessary.

Im doing that now