CSS Content for Gmod 13?

My friend bought gmod not too long ago and we want to make a movie in a CSS map with CSS props. Propblem is he doesn’t have CSS. Is there any way possible to get the content of CSS into gmod 13 without buying it, cause he really doesn’t have the money :frowning:

No, it’s illegal.

just wait for a steam sale. i got it for like $4.00

If it takes me to break a law to get CSS content for my friend I’ll do it.

You need to download the programm “GCF Scape”, go to “c/programm files/steam/steamaps” and look for “counter-strike source shared.gcf” open it and extract these folders “models,materials,sounds”.
Then upload it to a site,let your friend download that,then he will need to put those folders in “c/programm files/steam/steamaps/hes user name/garrys mod/garrys mod”.
Hope this helped, but you need to know that this is illegal!

if they don’t have enough money to buy CS:S then they must be dirt poor. just save up and buy it. it’s a great game.

It is only warez if he is giving the necessary files to actually play the game. Models, maps and materials do not make the game playable.

The models, maps, and materials are copyrighted and belong to valve.