CSS Content on a Dedicated Server

So I have read every tutorial I could find… And I have tried caps/lowercase ect…

I have GarrysMod Dedicated servers setup through TCAdmin, and css content located at c:\cstrike

So I edit mount.cfg as follows:

“cstrike” “C:\cstrike”
// “tf” “C:\mytf2server f”

And restart the server

Nothing changes? Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I see nothing wrong with it. Are you running a windows or linux server?

Windows, linux would not be C:\

Is anyone familiar with TCAdmin?

The game its self is installed to


So Ive also tried putting the cstrike folder inside of garrysmod folder and using the path \garrysmod\cstrike\

or just \cstrike

or even \garrysmod\garrysmod\cstrike

Nothing works :frowning:

Don’t put cstrike in Garry’s Mod, that fucks up mounting paths. Are you sure the directory is C:\cstrike?

Absolutely certain. I have tried various other paths also. (By moving the cstrike folder to different places. Ultimately I would prefer it be c:\cstrike so that multiple installations can access it from the same place.)

Change it to C:\cstrike\cstrike. It should solve your issue.

Also, if you do have a cstrike/cstrike folder, make sure that the first cstrike folder is not called cstrike. That also fucks up mounting.