CSS Content

Hi, I’m developing a gamemode and require CSS content to be on my server (I’m running SRCDS on Debian 6.0 Squeeze). I tried to download it the old way using Hldsupdatetool, then I was promptly informed I had to use SteamCMD. I successfully downloaded the files and placed them in a folder called cstrike, and moved this folder to “srcds/orangebox”. However after a quick restart I realised that it wasn’t actually working; what am I doing wrong and/or what is the way to do it correctly?

Things might have changed since Steampipe, but the way it used to work (and may still be the case) is you need to setup the css content into srcds/orangebox/cstrike/cstrike. The second cstrike folder is where the gameinfo.txt and all content files should be placed. You should be able to set it up as a symlink to make things easier.

Still not working.

Upon retrying to download CSS again i received this error from SteamCMD:

Sorry about the screenshot - I was in VNC.

I have no firewalls enabled, so there shouldn’t be a problem (all ports open with UpNp)


Just try again, and then try to start CSS. After that, problem is pretty much solved