CSS Content

Hello, i want build map with css content, i added cstrike.fgd to my Game Data list, but its shows errors anyway :/.


That just adds the entities to hammer, actual content can’t be mounted that way.

You’re going to have to build with the CSS config from source SDK, unless you want to manually extract all of the content from the GCFs.

but early it was working when CSS was used Source EP1 engine

Are you on the CS:S configuration? Because it doesn’t look like it.

He doesn’t want to make a CSS map, he wants to make a Gmod map with CSS content by the looks of it.

I just extract the CSS content into my Gmod folder.

All he has to do is compile and put it in his garrysmod folder, why would he waste disk space?

Every SDK configuration makes ‘Gmod maps’.

easiest way to make a map that uses multiple games content, is to load the map in that game configuration in hammer.

It seems like it’s tradition to ask about how to get CS:S content in Hammer every week or so.

if you use more than 1 games materials/models you will have to extract them for the final compile to one configuration.

Because then he could see and browse the textures and models in Hammer while under a different game’s configuration. It’s what I do, anyway. I’m not exactly low on disk space v:v:v