CSS de_worlding faces (WIP)

Facing Worlds for CSS

Have only finished 1 tower so far, interior is mostly carved out, and ALL TEXTURES ARE PLACEHOLDERS FOR NOW

To do:

-Second tower
-texture towers
-find a custom skybox
-Add the meteorite

have done:

Red tower.
Brush carving

I am using a promotional reference image, IE just the back of the tower and a low res version of the front. I plan to make it de_, with red tower being T, blue being CT, however this will probably best suit a DM server. I have seen the other ctf_face remakes, but none of them stay true to the real design of the towers, and some even try to add cover (GOD DAMN, ITS CTF_FACE, THE MOST COVERLESS MAP EVER)

Now some delicious images


The last pic where it’s in game looks awesome.
So cartoony and retro.

That’s his reference picture…


(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

I’d gladly appreciate an interior reference if you have one. Memory isn’t serving me very well

I wasn’t getting at the fact it might look wrong it was the fact you “carved” it out. Never use carve, especially for huge complex things like this.

I already smell crashes. You should redo it with clip and vertex manipulation, this isn’t unreal engine where you subtract from blocks.


Good idea, anyway.

Funny, I was just playing this map with some friends on Unreal tournament yesterday.

I kicked ass.

Just scrap the map and start over

Epic idea.

You have z-fighting and vertex issues, terrible geometry and severe texture problems. I highly recommend you hit some tutorials on interlopers or halfwit to find out how to use source for mapping before continuing with this.

If you are serious about this project I’m going to suggest something. Teleporters are not Counter-Strike friendly in any way. Instead I suggest you make changes to the map to where ramps/ladders/stairs are used instead. It might sound like a pain in the ass but it would be more worth while I think. Plus it would make more sense in my opinion. Remember this isn’t Unreal Tournament so make changes as necessary.

UT ftw. Still waiting till its done

Unreal 2004 w00t

UT2K4’s version of Facing Worlds was a huge change for me. Suddenly it’s a Desert/Egypt setting? Now UT3 has a kind of outlandish Facing Worlds. They needed to have kept it in space like it was. It made no sense what so ever but it’s a classic UT thing.