[CSS/GMOD] Artic Rangers

Just wanted to get this shit out of my harddrive for good






NOTE: To use in Gmod: Copy and Paste the textures to your MW2 rangers, I dont give a shit what, it can be Predaaator or zz180, I DONT CARE

And these textures are from the snow Riot shield guys, I ripped them.

Models & Textures: IW
Model compile and headhack: Smoki
Textures ripping: GhillieBacca A.K.A: ThePooch, GhilliePooch
Being awesome: ThePooch

post some better in game shots. thanks

Thats the best I could get.

Retextures and headhack or something?
Looks cool though,should I make a video with these for you? :wink:


LOl,are the credits of the textures and being awsome all you?

looks good, i guess ill try them out. I like the symmetry about them; their not all the same, but they don’t have super obvious differences that stand out.

yes please, if you don’t mind.

The best you could get were shitty preview pictures on a fullbright map?

who plays css? It’s soon 2011

cool it, troll.

these models are fucking gay

Ugghh, if you dont like them dont say anything, just click on arrow on the left side of your screen.

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And BTW whats fucking gay about them? Im not downloading them because i dont want them as my CSS skins or such, i just dont need em, but i think they look nice. And i think the pics are good enough to show them off.

Believe it or not, yeah

He ain’t trolling, stop assuming everyones opinions is considered “trolling”.
In my opinion, hes telling the truth. I don’t see alot of people like I did when I first started playing.

I actually have to agree with the last sentence.

I have this game since 2005, oh the golden days at =(eGO)=

Even though it’s true that people nowdays prefer to grind for hats, there is still a small community who plays CSS. I still play it myself sometimes on weird maps just for shitz n’ giggles.
But that doesn’t make this release less important just because of that. It’s less important because of the shitty previews of plain old military hurrah models (lol).

Small community my ass. 2nd most played game on Steam today next to BO:MP…

Just because you don’t play anymore, all of the sudden no one plays it?

Oh, even better then. It’s just that not as much servers show up as it used to be. But I was pretty sure that TF2 is on the Top 5 most played games on steam, and it being above CSS.

its still in the top 5 (along with cs) but the numbers are declining

Is this guy here gay?

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Well,I think css is always the best. :slight_smile:

fix the knees

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i have mw2 RPD world model
release cooming soon

I call BS. Ever since CS:S was released on Mac, the numbers have been increasing.

Contrary to popular belief, obviously…