Css guns

Hey, i need help!

I have downloaded Css relistic guns pack,
and it doesnt work!!! There is a big red block in the top right corner,

I own Css, Tf2, Portal, Cs, HL2, ep1, ep2, and of course Gmod (All Steam)

Could someone help me with this problem?


Does not belong in models/skins, belongs in the help section.

Make sure it’s mounted.

ill make sure it is

lolo misspell

i dont care

Indeed. The only help threads you should post here are ones related to help for actually MAKING models and skins, not how to install them.

Make sure you put it in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder, make sure all of the files are extracted, and make sure you say yes to the lua, materials, models, sounds stuff.