CSS Hand models

I’m currently using a Fretta gamemode with basic CSS weapons. I’m currently trying to change the hand models to Citizens for Prisoners and HEV for Guards. I am using player classes if it makes a difference.

Uhhh… I followed that… It failed horribly

That doesn’t help; what do you need help with? What errors did you get?

I didn’t get any… The hands just didn’t work. I flipped my models to false and made then cstrike/c_ and shit. But the hands weren’t there. It isn’t finding the hands that are in the player classes.

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Ohhhh, also when I aim in the c_ weapons there aim just moves the gun towards the right hand side a bit and into your body. There not in the same position as v_


Uhhh… I have css on both server and client and they have cstrike/c_ models. I just changed the sames in the shared.lua ViewModel =

Can’t you read the “Custom Gamemodes” part of the article I posted?

Thats what I did, following the With Player Classes section

Show your playerclass, GM:PlayerSpawn and your swep ( you can exclude the functions )