css hostages wont follow

hi im new with css mapping. i usualy stick with hl2. but im trying out css. im makeing a hostage rescue map.
i got the hostages to spawn. but when i tell them to follow. they dont move. they reply but never walk. im i supost to put something at the rescue point so they know to go there when i tell them to follow. thanks for your help

Have you made your nav file?


The work involved in searching… Oh how difficult it is!

IRN Zombie, how about instead of making an ass of yourself, you try to help the guy?

First off, here’s some links that should help at the VDC:

The reason your bots are not working is because you need to do a process known as creating the .nav. The navigation mesh is what tells AI how to navigate your map: what is walkable and what is not, etc. You start by typing nav_generate in the console (you may have to have sv_cheats set to 1, I’m not sure, been a while) and it will generate the best navigation mesh it can. However, usually that’s not enough. That guide goes in depth about how to manually edit the nav to get it working perfectly.

Remember to spend a good amount of time on this and don’t try to blow it off: a bad AI (especially bad AI for the hostages) can get REALLY frustrating. Good luck!

I’m helping him help himself.

I know ~nothing about this but maybe the map needs ground nodes?

You don’t need ground nodes for nav files.

Auto-nav is pretty good for getting them to run around after you, but you’d need to do some manual tweaking for jumping etc.

Quick fix: Type “nav_generate” in the console.

/look at filename


thanks you so much. my map is functional now lol