CSS is not working with GMOD

Even though it’s installed and I have CSS installed, it won’t work. All of the textures are black and. . . you know the deal. Please help.

Is it enabled through the ingame menu?

Yes, it is.

Also, proof I own it. http://steamcommunity.com/id/lifter/games?tab=all

I fixed this after a verification of the integrity of the cache of the game.

Let me see if that works. . .


I will test tommorow, it’s late for me.

Well, later today XD

I did and now everything works except for the bullet shells andthe playermodels.

Correction, all the models still fail. Btw, none of the models or texures work except for the guns.

Please help.

Have you launched and/or played CS:S since it was installed last?

No, I litteraly JUST remembered I haven’t run it since and just fixed the problem.