CSS isn't in SDK!

Heres what you are probably thinking I didn’t do, or should try…

  1. Play the game atleast once.
  2. Refresh SDK content.
  3. Reset game CGF’s.
  4. Make sure using right Engine Version
  5. Restart Steam.
  6. Delete cleintregistry.blob
  7. Defrag Game cache / Verify game integrity.

already done all of those…
I looked under all the Engine Versions and CSS was not there.
It’s usually in 06’… But its not, the only thing thats in 06 is HL2:DM (and 07’)
09’ has the Orangebox games in it…

Help please? I want to make a map today.

It should be in your 09’

Nope, The only games there are HL2:EP2, TF2, Portal…


It’s under 2006 for me.

This is about the 14th time I’ve used this.

Wow nice! And so CSS is running on the 2009 Engine? Or still 2006?

2009, for mac support.

Actually I only reset the 09 and CSS appeared in it.