css m4a1 w/o carrying handle

pretty explanatory. can someone hack the default m4a1’s w_ and v_ so that it doesnt have the handle? and fix missing faces please?

bump… cmon guys its not that hard

search fpsbanana first.

I did! there are only custom models! i just want DEFAULT m4a1 on DEFAULT anims WITHOUT carrying handle.

  1. no w views.

  2. custom models.


bump… c’mon guys its not that had just take off the default model’s carrying handle, fix missing faces and add a RIS…
in the w_model you can just take off the carrying handle and fix the missing faces…

last bump…

If it’s not that hard, you do it.
It’s never a good idea to whine and insult people when you’re requesting things. Plus, the default model sucks anyways.

i dont care if it sucks… i dont want an uber 500000 poly weapon to slow down my game + if i had to use one of those it wouldnt fit with the other weapons.

and im not insulting anyone… i dont know where did you get that idea, but im sorry anyways… didnt mean to offend anyone…

Repeatedly saying it’s not hard kinda challenges that we can’t do it and you can.
It’s greentext, I mean, implications.

And your reasoning for wanting the default is why you use skins for ERRTING.

what is ERRTING?

Play a good game (i.e. not CS), problem solved

…Just find one artist or team and get a few of their weapons, that way you keep your consistency in art style. Plus, you’re plainly not looking at all if you think every custom weapon has 500,000 polies and will slow your game down.