CSS map and/or mod?

I don’t have Half-life 2, but I have Counter-Strike:Source (and gmod if that helps) and I want to make a map for css. Anyways how would I config Hammer Editor? When Hammer starts up a message box pops up saying its not configed and all that. If I click no or cancel Hammer wont open. in the config hammer window in the game config tab, ‘Configuration:’, ‘Game Data Files’, and pretty much everything else except a couple fields is blank. I know this is probably been asked a million times and it sounds noobish but help!!! Thanks in advance


Oh and when i just click ‘ok’ it says i need at least one game config.

You need to run CS:S at least once.

I have; I play it all the time.

Do this

Get a life, then


You’re on this forum more than he plays Counter-Strike probably.

Thanks, it worked.

But I have a life.


Besides, it was sarcasm.