CSS Map configuration, Gmod loading problems.

I used the CS:S configuration, because I only own Gmod and CS:S.
It saves the maps as .VMF and I want them to be saved as .BSP so they can be loaded into garry’s mod.
Am I doing something wrong, or should I change my configuration?
I’m also missing CS:S props (not models etc.)
Please help!

1.file>run map

2.How can you be missing CS:S props, but not models? Props = Models.

I know how to run as bsp, but not how to save those and run in gmod?
Cuz when I run it starts in CS:S
And I found the props, I’m kind of a newb at hammer.

It saves it to steamapps>[username]>counterstrike:source>css>maps. Get it from there and paste it into your garrysmod maps folder.

Gmod doesn’t load .vmf files? Right?

No >.>
When you use run map it compiles the map and makes it into a .bsp. That .bsp will be saved in your config’s “maps” folder. Just go to css>css>maps and move the bsp into your garrysmod maps folder.

BSP= Compiled Map
VMF= Map’s SAVE File

if you’re new to hammer and source engine

watch this:


Ah so instead of configuring hammer, all I have to do is compile a source map into CSS, play test it on CSS then copy the map into Garry’s mod maps?

Pretty much.

How do I compile map to BSP then?

File -> run map, or f9.

Where is the .BSP file saved then?

A copy of it should go to the “maps” folder of the game you are mapping for (by default), and a copy to the same location as the .vmf is saved.