css map test client time out

every time i test a css map i made i get a client time out after a few seconds of moveing around. how do i get rid of this. thanks.

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Also your spelling sucks.

thanks really. u know i just want to post one thread and actualy get help for once with out another fucking faggot ripping on me for my spelling. why be another fucking useless ass hole. go to hell.

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ahem, Have I missed something out? What is this thread for, the post content is just a dot. What do you need help on? Be more specific next time.

Before you complain that I should read the title, I have read the title but I still dont understand what you need

sorry i was gonna make a new post. on this. i erased the question cause im gonna get it spell checked. no one ever answers my questions. they just rip on me for spelling

Maybe get a spell checker?

Or, no offense, but assuming you’ve got passed year 4, learn basic punctuation i.e. capital letter, commas etc.

To be honest, I don’t know why I’m saying no offence after you just went ape shit on Rieda.

I assume this is online, which is most likely due to a crappy internet connection, unless I don’t understand the issue. It could also be an incredible ammount of lag on singleplayer. It happens when you spawn fuck loads of props/NPC’s etc. but after you just spawned; that’s quite irregular.

Post your PC specs.

Once you get the error, go into console and type

map <map name here>

or just press create multiplayer and find the map

CS:S does weird things when you launch from hammer, starting the game normally on steam shouldn’t have this problem happen.

How come?

If you know I mean.

I don’t know, but hammer usually messes with games launched from it, not entirely sure why.

Add this to the launch options.

+sv_lan 1


It disconnects you because you didnt launch the game directly from steam.

sorry i was haveing a bad day. he just caught me at the worst time.


thanks it worked