[CSS] Masako Squad look-alike by Minimole and simkas

Yeah! I finally got the hang of it!

Basically this is a retexture of Simkas LAPD SWAT unit by Minimole, but thats not all, it have compatibility for CSS!!! The long requested compatibility for CSS (As seen on simkas topic) is now here

Model: Eidos-IO Interactive and simkas for ripping them
Retexture by: Minimole
CSS rigging: smoki
Eye fix: GhillieBacca and Dean (Henry Townshend)
Enjoyment: everyone

Here is the order of the models into each slot (Pre-Fix):






Eyes are fixed too:




The kevlar’s textures doesn’t look that good when you look closely, but it isn’t that bad.
Also, is that eye texture bug fixed? In some of the screens their eyes are with the “error texture”.

The images with the eye errors are before the fix which is the download link

I was just too lazy to make new menu images.

Now, this is just awesome. Even though these guys were useless in Saints Row, they look awesome. We need more SR2 stuff, it’s under-appreciated for such a great game. Great work on these guys! Though, if I may say, the ones in the original game had “ULTOR” written across their chest and back. Might want to keep that in mind, if a V2 were ever to roll around.

I tried to add a “ULTOR” to the chest, but the utility bags were blocking it.

Also thanks!