Css models and textures dont work!

I have C:SS and the models and textures work just fine for awaly, then when i got phx 3 they stopped working, i tryed uninstalling phx 3 but that didn’t work, PLEASE HELP!!!

ps: and for the people i have already asked, yes i do play css it is downloaded on my computer.


Oh also i know theres a way to fix it but i forgot, lol.

I just found out that tf2, portal, hl2 episode 1 and 2 props and textures dont work ethier :frowning:

Did you actually buy the games?

Yes i did I bough them in the online steam store

try deleting your garrysmod folder
or if that fails try reinstalling gmod

Aww but i have alot of things downloaded, that would be a pain to redownload them… Oh well

Make a backup of your addons folder then.

To late :stuck_out_tongue:

You probably forgot to mount them. In GMod, go to the ESC menu and check the respective games in the “GMod Settings” menu.