CSS models in my HL2 Mod

I’m making a singleplayer mod for HL2 but I want the CSS models instead of the originals. So, I extracted the MP5, shotgun, and Glock models from CSS and renamed them to match the weapons from HL2, put them in the right folder and did the same with their materials. I went in-game, although instead of seeing an MP5, i saw nothing. The model doesn`t show up. Same with the shotgun and the pistol. Do you know why the model isn’t showing up in-game?


EDIT: Alright, more info. In Hammer, when placing the weapons, the object-box is there when you select it, but you cant really select it because the models not there.

Ive tried this in regular hl2 didnt work. They might need to be coded in the mod.

Thanks, but I’ve found a tut on how to get it to work. You have to export the files using cannonfodder’s decompiler.