CSS nav_mesh Helpo..?

I’ve put some thought into making some scripted npcs but i need to use a nav mesh for navigation.
So i was thinking of breaking down the CSS nav_mesh, so i can use the default editing / nav_generate

The point of this is to ask if anyone here knows the format for the map .nav files, it would be a great help

There are videos similar to Counter Strike Source involving Navigation Meshes. Left 4 Dead Tutorial videos for Nav Meshes working almost, I think, possibly the same.

You could try that. Be careful if piecing it together manually.

You cannot read .nav files with Lua, you have to use a module

Sorry Zeloutional, not what i ment.

but im not talking reading it right to lua either,

what i want is more of… the file format
something like… this
but if there is a module that would be just as helpful