CSS not mounting

All of a sudden CSS won’t mount anymore, I am not the only one with this problem. A few more people in my community have this problem, and it’s really annoying. This just started happening. I played gmod about 5 hours earlier, took a break and now all of a sudden this happened.


i have too this problem!

I think it has to do with steam pipe, things will probably be broken until garry fixes it!

^It’s that CSS is not available. NOT garry’s fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Got this too.

thanks garry or valve

It’s likely Valve’s issue. Check their Steam user forums, there are a lot of recently reported issues relating to CSS and TF2, content servers not being avaliable, not being able to play, etc.

I reinstalled my CSS and got it working now…

I dont know whats wrong but try that

This worked for me.

I just restarted my Steam, works fine…