CSS Realistic 4.0 Steam Coding

I’m sorry if this the wrong forum but I downloaded CSS Realistic 4.0 off the steam workshop and I’m adding it in my files but the FOV is messed up. Is there I way I could get a fix for it in a ZIP File or just how you have your config?

If I am in the wrong subforum could you please move me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean the FOV is messed up? As in it doesn’t default to your settings?

Yeah the FOV was messed up but I changed all the guns to 60 and it looked decent but normal. I was hoping I could find someone who had fixed it already.

Go to lua\weapons(weapon_name)\shared.lua and adjust the SWEP.ViewModelFOV.


For CS:S models you use FOV 72, for GMod CS:S models ( c_ ones ) you use 54.