css realistic ammo?

Can somebody script ammo boxes you hit use to pick them up, this would be very helpful.

This weapons pack has ammo boxes included, all the guns use unique ammo.

Cool I ask for ammo for a script and you send me a weapon pack with custom models which is 40+ megabytes. I need this for a server 2-3 lua files compared to 40 megabytes just for a box of ammo isn’t worth it.

Could of course download it and JUST take the ammo boxes… it isnt that hard. “IQ + 4”

The only custom models you’ll find are DOD and FoF SWEPs. If you don’t want them, delete them.

I tried to help, if complaining is your thing when you’re looking for help then you need to reset your priorities.

You will not get 2-3 lua files for multiple entities.

plus madcows weapons is the best weapons pack around
you should deffinetly use it instead of default css weapons/css realistic weapons