CSS Realistic Weapon Scopes and Combine Elite + HL2 Crosshair Missing Textures

For some reason, ever since I download (and later deleted) Twitch Weaponry V2, my CSS Realistic Weapons scope zoom designs are all the same (with the exception of the red dot scoped P90). Meaning that the AWP, SIG, etc all have the basic plain crosshair scope, and not the unique ones that I had when I first dwloaded CSS Realistic Weapons V4. Although this is not really a big deal, I would like to know how to fix this, or if anyone else had the same issue after installing Twitch Weaponry.

There are also 2 other larger problems I’ve been encountering. One is that the texture for my HL2 crosshair (crosshair 001) is missing. One day when I started up Garry’s Mod, I found that my HL2 crosshair for my HL2 weapons, Phys Gun and Tool Gun were missing (as well as on other weapons that I have that use it). When I gave the consol commands to activate it, all I got was a purple and back checkerd square in the middle of my screen, and a lot of lag. I quickly went and deactivated the crosshair again. How can I get my HL2 crosshair texture back, where do I put it, and does anyone know what might have happend?

The other problem is that my regular Combine Elite from HL2 is missing it’s textures too, and appears purple and black. I don’t know when this started exactly, but I found this out about 15 minutes ago. Once again, how do I get my Combine Elite texture back, where do I put it, and does anyone know what might have happend?

I know these questions sound really nooby and like a waste of time, but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me and I could solve this, because these things (especially the Combine Elite texture) are really bothering me, since I have several map saves (missions and poses) with Combine Elites in them which I am currently adding to, and don’t want them completely ruined by purple and black textured ragdolls/npcs.
And no, I wasen’t screwing around with my textures folder. All I’ve been doing has been installing and removing addons, maps, etc. I’m thinking that some npc pack I downloaded might have caused the Combine Elite missing texture, but I really don’t see how.

When you get lots of lag, check the console, there should be errors popping up. Post the errors and I should be able to fix the problem.

The only time my game lags due to these issues is with the missing crosshair texture. The message that spams my console says:

—Missing Vgui material Crosshair/Crosshair/Crosshair001
ConCommand blocked (crosshair 0

This happens when I type “Crosshair_enabled 1” in the console.

Check your models and materials folder for any files with crosshair in the name and delete them