CSS: SCI FI Hardwired on GMOD?


if you know CSS: SCI FI Hardwired, you know that the ragdolls in the game are very funny, when they die they twitch and convulse and are very crazy!!!

is there possible to add those ragdoll things to NPCs of Garry’s Mod?

it will be very funny!!!

I reckon someone could make a script for it, but you would need Keep Corpses on all the time which could get laggy :smith:

no problem with keep corpses, I just want it =)

It’s in the default HL2 engine. It’s the effect you get if you pick up a Combine guy with the super gravity gun.

I dunno how you’d implement it in-game though. Lua I guess.

maybe a really good man tha know how to make this can do it yeah?

do you kwnow someone?

you know?