CSS skins didnt work

i used these downloadable skins and extracted them to cstrike but it didnt work in game, maybe i did it wrong

walkthrough plz?


i think you have to extract them to the materials folder

every one? because theres variants of 2-3 of knives, gloves, and guns

You can’t use multiple skins of the same weapon at the same time in Counter-Strike.

i know, i only extracted the ones i wanted but they didnt work

Where did you put them. Give me the path to the .vmt files, in the spot they ended up in.

for example i put gloves in materials. to get to the vmt it goes

materials>models>weapons>v_models>hands> (vmts)

That should work, then. Are the .vtf files there, too?

Put Materials, Models, Scripts and Sound folder into:

X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Your steam username\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike