CSS skins in Garry's Mod

My CSS skins are showing up in gmod. I verified gmods cache, and even reinstalled CSS so the skins shouldn’t even be there. But they are still showing up in Gmod. Any help?

Reinstall CS:S by deleting your entire CS:S folder (keep anything you want), and turn off Steam Cloud Sycronization on CS:S.

I did reinstall CSS, and the skins are not in CSS anymore because I also deleted the content. I had also reinstalled GMod which did not work.

Pardon my ignorance, but shouldn’t CS:S skins be there? I don’t why you wouldn’t want them.

He’s referring to CUSTOM skins

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And verify your CS:S files.

So you want some retextured weapons/props/playermodels/any general model of some sort in Garry’s Mod?

Copy them out of CSS from their respective folders.

Let’s say you want a file from materials/custom skin/skin.vmt (or .vmf), copy that, go to your Garry’s Mod directory, go to materials, make a folder there called whatever you want, and paste those files in there. Do the same with models if that applies as well.

If these “skins” are meant to replace something, just find the something in your Garry’s Mod directory and overwrite it with your files, but name them the same thing, and put them in the same place they were in contrast to your CSS folder. So as an example, if you had a texture replacing an AK47 in CSS, it would have been in materials/weapons or some sub-directory in there. All you do is take those AK47 files (again, example), and put them in the same place, but in the Garry’s Mod directory. So garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/weapons.

Your first post didn’t make much sense to me (not enough specific information), so use the above if you can make sense of it and it applies to your situation.

Aah, I see.

I would add CS:S first, THEN add the custom ones.

I’m talking about my custom gun skins for CSS are showing up in Garry’s Mod, even after reinstalling CSS and deleting them from CSS. I also verifiyed the cache and reinstalled gmod aswell

Turn off Steam Cloud Sycronozation on GMod an CS:S, delete your CS:S folder manually, then reinstall.

Try turning Counter-Strike off in Garrysmod it shouldn’t load them anymore then.

You mean unmounting CS:S? That’s an awful idea.