CSS sounds instead of GMod ones

Yesterday I had a Counter-Strike Source update going on. While it was downloading I started a GMod server and couldn’t use CSS props. My friend with CSS playermodel appeared in a very low quality. But the GMod sounds were absolutely ok. Today the CSS update has finished and I started GMod. I could use the CSS props normally and the skins appeared well too, but when scrolling and left clicking, I hear a CSS sound of taking a weapon. I also hear that CSS footstep sound when walking on concrete.

I’ve verified the GMod file integrity, but didn’t help…

i think it’s a problem with cs:s using steampipe

This happened to me ONLY when I mounted CS:GO, After Un-Mounting it, Seems to have fixed it. As for CSS, Never had this problem,

Heard its about this steampipe thing (no clue what the hell it is), But I’m guessing thats just what it is. Try un-mounting some sourcegames that have to do with CS and see if that fixes it.

Yeah, SteamPipe. The GCFs are getting replaced by VPKs (used by L4D, CS: GO, Alien Swarm, etc.)

I tried unmounting CSS but the problem still persists. I’ve heard of SteamPipe already, but have no idea what it is…

That’s why we have Steam Support, even Valve Developer Community has it documented

Ergh. Getting this with CSS, and I need CS props. Is there any fix to this? I’ve gone as far as to email Garry, with no response.

This will be fixed with the next update