CSS sounds issue

So I have CSS on a different Steam account than the one on which I have Gmod. I used the method described here: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Adding_Gamecontents_as_Addons to transfer the game content to be used in Gmod, and it seems everything worked fine with that EXCEPT the sound. All of the weapon models are fine, I have the ragdolls, etc., but none of the weapons have their sounds in spite of the files being where they should be (I checked in the folder, they’re there). I’ve tried with both the RCS and CSE weapon packs.

What could be causing this issue? Any way I could fix it?

Are the sounds really THAT important?

Well no, but if it’s something that’s easily fixable, I’d like to fix it. I enjoy being able to use the CS weapons.

Try extracting again?

And you don’t need sound to use them, they’re just prettiness

Already tried extracting twice. I made sure I followed the procedure there exactly.

And I know I don’t need the sounds, but guns going PFF instead of BOOM is no fun.

Ehh, I can’t think of anything. Wait for someone else to show up :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you copy the scripts folder over? I think sounds are defined in some of the script files.

Yep, I’ve copied everything that I know of for Counter Strike and it’s all where it says it needs to be.

Gah, I may just go ahead and buy the game so I don’t have to switch Steam accounts to play it also, but it’ll still kinda feel like a waste of $20.