CSS to Gmod! Part Deux

…Sligwolf, being the kind fellow that he is, took my cry for help as an opportunity to fulfill my request.
He made the CSSBANANA model I liked and made it an npc/playermodel, and I have just been re-modelling the defaults for all the rest of the reskins I want, but alas, there is but one unruly skin.

Seriously, all the other ones replace the default models, but for whatever reason, this one just won’t work. Please help? I would be forever in your debt if you did.
Also, it’s a bitchin’ model. Needs to be in Gmod anyway.

…Also this one, since the two go hand-in-hand and it’d be cool to have the one with the flipped-up visor for good measure.

Anyone willing to tackle this? Please, either help me by telling me why these aren’t replacing the defaults, or, if you wish for gmod workshop infamy, upload it as a playermodel/npc, or just a reskin, either way.

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Mfw no-one helps.

I’m still helping you make your robber; just running into a few issues.

Thank you very much, sorry for the inconvenience he’s causing.

Spaceman these 2 models have a CC-License that say its not allowed to modify them.
Since I can not help you unfortunately.