CSS Weaons Glitching Like Crazy?

I don’t understand why it’s happening, whenever I give myself a CSS weapon on my server, it fires like crazy and uses 0 bullets, fires and sounds proper, but doesnt do any damage too, and the animations messed up too?

Any idea what it is?

I had that happen once. I ended up reinstalling Gmod. Fixed it. Try running CS:S as well.

Everyone gets this error on my server though, Ive installed the CSS content and its not like the models dont appear, they do. And I’ve copied all needed scripts into my mod directory, and the same with textures, models and other stuff. I looked at the valve wiki for adding weapons too, and Im sure Ive done everything right, I have no idea why it’s doing it

make sure the folder is in orangebox not srcds


not D:\SRCDS\cstrike


also this belongs in server hosting not lua

yeh if someone can move it please

and Ive already done that