CSS Weapon Models

I’ve got the old crotch weapon bug with all my CSS weapon models. Yes I have only the models and not CSS mounted.

I cannot for the life of me find a guide to reworking the bones in the model. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=851426 looked promising but despite about a thousand different tries on a thousand different versions of all that software, I cannot get it to work. I decompiled the models using Crowbar, then tried to import to XSI Mod Tool with SMDImport from the source addon, but it thinks the .smd file is not an smd. I also get errors regarding failure to load a dll related to Crosswalk and failure to load two commands from the source addon.

Does anyone have a way to do this, or better yet, a pack of models already fixed?

The fixed models are already shipped with Garry’s Mod, the reason they don’t work for you is because you are using pirated CS:S content.

Thanks, stupid mistake. I do own CSS but I thought it would be easier to grab the models online than download/extract them.

Are the view models not included? They seem to be errors for me now.

You dont have to extract the models from CSS itself, just mount it to gmod and you’re good to go!

The weapon world models work without even mounting CSS, but the view models don’t seem to. Are they not included?

The cracked content doesn’t NEED to include view models, since they’re only thought for world-stuff, like maps etc.

I’m not talking about the cracked content. I’ve removed that.

Just plain old GMod has the CSS weapon world models without even mounting CSS. The view models are errors however.

You sure its not the weapons which you downloaded? Since gmod itself doesn’t have any CSS content, like weapons or models included, only HL2 content.


He doesn’t mean ALL models of CSS, thats why you have to mount it for some gamemodes/maps(eg darkrp).

Download cs:s dedicated server, mount it manually in garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg