CSS weapons' animations "jitter".

Hey guys,

After being in a single player game for a while (aka 40ish minutes), when you aim down sights, you will notice the gun is jittering/shaking weirdly.

The same has been noticed on multiplayer too. When the server has been on for a while, there will be jitter with the weapons’ animation, for example in ADS but also in any custom animations made with offsets and rotating the angles.

Anyone has any idea what’s going on? I can get a video if it helps.


Bump in case anyone knows.

I’ve noticed this too, perhaps an issue with GetViewModelPosition that needs to be fixed?

Probably, I’m hoping someone has a dirty hack fix or something though. The odds of Garry fixing it are slim to none.

Bumping to get some more insight.

Bumping again after a couple of weeks, the issue persists. This is happening on numerous servers I’ve seen aswell, so it’s not isolated to my servers.

I notice this on ByB all the time, it also seems to jitter when you are sprinting and the gun is aiming down at the ground.