CSS weapons problem...

Okay guys, thanks for viewing the post first of all, hopefully this can be worked out.

I Just registered here because I am really trying to fix a problem that occurred when I added this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=60315 into my Gmod. The Swep is great and works fine, but what I do most on Gmod is RP, and I need to aim much of the time. In the case with this weapon, aiming is off-kilter, and when you do use the ironsights the hand section is aiming towards the center, not the gun sights. I want to use the weapon as the holdtype is what I want but I also need the ironsights fixed so the weapon is straight sideways and the ironsights on the gun match the crosshairs on the screen (as in RP there are no crosshairs). If anybody out there can fix this for me or tell me how to do it, it would be much appreciated. I am not too good with Sweps so attempts to fix it using Ironsight Designer have not worked.

One more thing: This can’t be an addon because I need it to work on multiplayer servers clientside, so in the form of the link above.

Edit: Sorry it’s in the wrong section, hopefully I’ll have more luck now (/noob)

This should be in the lua requests/help, but I can be nice and atleast take a look at it. No but seriously move it.

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