CSS weapons seen in the stomach.

Hello people!
I have had this issue with my CSS guns for the past few days. They don’t appear in the hands of people, they appear in the bloody stomach.
It looks ridiculous and ugly and I would like to fix it. Some admins on the community that I am active in, (It’s called UrbanGamers, check it out!)
say that it is my CSS textures that is wrong. I have installed CSS I have all the props, characters, weapons etc. The only problem is this. Another friend
of mine says that it is a GMod bug with the CSS weapons. That more and more people get the bug and that there is nothing to do about it,
except waiting for a fixing update. I now want to know some advise for you? Who is right, and how can I fix it if it is my textures?
Sincerely Onev.

Verifying cache of Gmod fixed it for me.

I tried to do that, but it did not work for me. I’m starting to believe my friend :frowning:

Well, then blame steampipe.

I guess I will. Probably going to be fixed soon. Thank you for the feedback dude! :slight_smile: