CSS weapons with Gordon's hands.

Has anybody ever made skins for CS:S that use Gordon’s hands and not the regular CSS hands? The reason this would be a good thing to do is because it looks stupid when you change weapons and all of a sudden you take the HEV suit off and then you have a pair of gloves on in less than a second.

I am not saying it should be a skin with just new textures, but new models with the Gordon hands there.

Please make this if it doesn’t already exist. If you do, you get a dump-truck full of cookies.

We already had this thread.

That’s why I put ‘Repeat?’ as the icon.



On a serious note, this is fairly easy to do.

Do it yourself. All it will take is Paint.NET

Where might this thread be? I can’t seem to find it in the crappy search engine.

I was talking about full blown models. Not a reskin. Shoulda said model and not reskin. The CSS glove model is fairly different from the HEV hands. For example, they are bigger, and the hands arn’t smaller than the arm (HEV suit).

Edited post, yo