CSS Wont mount to server

Appearently, it says its mounting it, my server host says its mounting, and its there

But the tech support keeps saying its a gmod issue

My thought was the game not added correctly, because in the synergy server you have to put the game in to the orangebox directory

So if anybody could just explain how to mount a game to gmod on a dedicated server

Appearently this server is a linux server

Hmm so they are running Gmod on linux already? I know someone has made a source library for it now but I didnt know any Linux Hosters would import it that quickly. Well anyway to your issue:

CS:S is very easy to “mount” onto a garrysmod server (God that sounds wrong). If your hosters are experienced then it may be possible something is wrong with the files they downloaded to create your server. It has happened a few times with me.

Bingo, if they havn’t said anything about that already, then you should be in charge :slight_smile: not them.

How to install counter strike source in a gmod server (Windows or linux).

  1. Use HLDSUpdatetool.exe to download garrysmod and then the counterstrike files from steam.
  2. Simply take the entire “cstrike” folder from the counterstrike source files and place that in the garrysmod files’ orangebox folder.
  3. Restart and done.

I hope this helps :smiley:

It’s offical, not just made by some random guy.

I know. But even so, for a hoster to offer garrysmod on linux this early on seems quite unusual. Without this official source library it wouldn’t really be viable to do so.

It mostly works fine. There’s almost no reason not to use it.

I know that. Seeing as how this is an official release for linux it would be more stable then using wine or another windows emulating system.

I just mean that it seems odd how a linux OS box game server hoster was offering garrysmod this early on since the beta release of the linux library.

Its actually pretty nice to have, and farmerbill, thanks for trying to help, The control you have over the server, is being able to access the root directory, start/stop and command line, server configuration, mod installer(with nothing), and a file manager, and thats all