CSS Won't Mount

Welp I’ve tried just about everything and I’m bamboozled.

CSS wont mount at all. Heres my mount.cfg

heres where my cstrike folder is

I’ve re-installed cstrike, I’ve made a .txt file called mountdepots.txt and tried using that, and I’ve put +exec mount.cfg +exec mountdepots.txt, yet NOTHING will work.
My map still has purple checkerboard and invisible walls, I get no mount error either, like it normally would spit out. If someone could help me out I’d love you <3

The problem is not your server but your client. In Steam, download and install Counter-Strike: Source, and mount it in Garry’s Mod.

Oh my god… How did I NOT think of that this whole time…

It unmounted for some odd reason, thank you so much lmao!