Css wont start

i was going to play Css this morning (in sweden) and i started it up i came to where it says : Preparing Counter Strike:source for Launch or what ever and it disapears like it normaly would.
BUT it doesnt start so can you please help me?

does this have anything to do with mapping?
no, wrong section!

Open up your task manager and check if the “hl2” process is running. If it is, then something is messed up. If it isn’t, then restart steam and/or computer.

Also, this has nothing to do with the mapping section of facepunch.

99.9% of all steam related issues can be solved by deleting clientregistry.blob from the steam directory, and then restarting steam. The other .1% can be fixed by restarting the pc.

i did both of those and it still wont start

in task manager i cant find the hl2 process so something is wrong

Also, verify the files.

now i have verifyed the files but i still cant play it

Uninstall it, and delete the CS:S folder.

Then reinstall. But get out of here if you don’t know where to post at.

This is the wrong section. Please ask for help in another section where they could provide more help and we could.

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i suppose you could do what others have said, reinstall the game, that usually works sometimes.

or also, have you updated anything in your CS folder recently? like maps or lua files or something taht couldve caused it to do this?