CSS Zombie Escape: Shadow Moses

Hi I am developing a new map for CSS Zombie Escape called Shadow Moses, its based on Shadow Moses Island from Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation). After a bit of work I decided to make a progress video.
Here it is if your interested, I’m open to some ideas and criticism.


The only thing i will say, is that it needs more detail. Barrels, boxes, stains on the walls, stratch marks, anything to show that it has been inhabited by people.

well it’s a work in progress, so he most likely will judging by how awesome this map looks already. Great job man this is one of my favorite games of all time!

It’s feedback going off the state of the map atm :slight_smile:

It does look nice atm, but just needs a bit more clutter and details.

I knew ya were, I just wanted to use your comment to respond lol.

I’ll share the love on that :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m new, but how did you make the particles floating through the air?

I’d guess the “dustmotes” triggertype, but it could be just normal dirt particles. There’s not too much of a difference.

Not sure if this is a bad place to ask but… How would you go about doing that? If this is the wrong place to ask, PM me or add me on steam if you would be so kind.

Look it up on the vdc. Best place to look first.