CTD when loading certain spawn icons

My issue is similar to the one seen in this thread here. I’m not sure which props are affected, but it would seem to be, at the least, Portal 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive spawn icons. When searching certain keywords, it attempts to load the spawn icons and causes an immediate CTD without any apparent error being listed.

I verified the cache for both games, as well as the Left 4 Dead series as a precaution, but this doesn’t seem to have helped. Attaching “-dxlevel 80” to the launch command seemed to have helped, but looking into the game folders for CS:GO, it still ended up crashing. I was originally under the impression that it was all props falling in the Portal 2 and CS:GO folders, but it may be just certain ones. Another problem with -dxlevel 80 is that it brings back an issue I had before - missing eye textures and broken lamps - so I have to keep it to “-dxlevel 90” or higher, since most of what I do is posing. I wouldn’t mind using Portal 2 and CS:GO props, since they have their uses, but I’ve been living in fear of the search function for half a year because of random CTDs due to the spawn icons loading. Wouldn’t mind having this fixed.

What are your specs? If you have any addons or workshop stuff installed try removing them to see if the problem still occurs

My specs are as follows:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
Installed RAM: 4 GB
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit

As far as addons and workshop addons go, I do posing and have been playing for years, so that alone should inform you that I have a crap ton of stuff, :v: Anyways, would going in-game and disabling my Workshop addons function the same as actually removing them? If that’s the case, then I can disable them and cut out my legacy addons, and see if the problem continues.

Yeah disabling should be fine. The more addons/workshop stuff you have the more chance of conflict and also when Garry’s Mod updates sometimes that breaks them

I ran Garry’s Mod with my workshop mods all disabled, with my addons removed alone, and then when both were removed, but the problem persisted, at least the one folder of CS:GO props that I checked caused a crash.

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Try loading up CS:GO and joining a game, then close it and try Garry’s Mod again. Sounds weird but sometimes Garry’s Mod has issues when it grabs content from a game that hasn’t been loaded

I played several rounds of CS:GO, enough to see six or seven different maps. I don’t know if those would have given me problems before, since I never really checked all the folders, but they were working fine after playing them. Some other folder gave me trouble, though I’ll have to find time to check which one it was; I think it was some workshop map I have for CS:GO and not something native to the game, but I’m not positive.