ctf_decker_b16 5th beta release

Dusting this one off and getting a few things tested before its final release.

Easing into it with a texture for some older props


And some new props


Never mind the “shoddy” spelling I’ve taken care of that in this release…


A lot of lighting and detail tweaks

More screens: http://www.vigville.com/wip/ctf_decker/

Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1306131/ctf_decker_b16.rar

Dedicated server:
You can connect and download the map automatically, without having to manually download and install anything. I’ll leave the server up until friday (1/8/10), while I’m testing the map this week.

I’m looking for any and all critiques, even tiny nit picky stuff, rip it apart!

Wow! This looks awesome! The props are really nice.

I love how much effort you put into making custom props and such. Looks really nice.

Dat Ship…

Looks phenomenal. I love the planes and you’ve done a great job making two distinct styles for the bases. Amazing work.

Holy moly, my jaw literally dropped!

You Sir, deserve a medal!

Holy crap, now that’s how you make a map.

oh my… that’s just fabulous

That’s amazing.

That’s some professional work right there.


looks amazing. Ill go on the test server tonight

Took me forever to figure out this was for Tf2.
Good job.

That looks…amazing.

This’ll be a Valve Official map. I’d bet 100 euros on that.

He’s already a professional. I believe he’s employed for character animation at a studio. :slight_smile:

And I don’t doubt that. That mapping quality is beyond comprehension.

Can’t resist downloading this map, it’s good and original.

Holy shit it’s Bubba Gump versus the navy! I can now die a happy man