My second TF2 map, this time CTF.
I tried to make the map a bit more roomy like some poeple wanted, so here it is:
Arena area at the center:

Red base:

Blu Base:

Overhead View:

Updated version.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?v1r1r9b1ivc28tu
Pictures are outdated; new ones are on the way.

No offense but we prefer maps released without dev textures :v:

Its only temporary.

I actually prefer them.
I want fun, regardless of how pretty and full of visual noise it is.

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Also it looks pretty small

Huh, you serious?
Its** alot **bigger than the other one i posted.

add more detail, maybe rework your design, it’s too small. also, it doesnt fit the tf2 style much
most buildings are not just boxes, they have all kinds of supports, slanted roofs, lips to tops and such.

From the screenshot, it looks like two areas with a large middle one.

Also it looks like it would be easy to spawncamp

Hm, maybe there should be two exits?

For a map like this, it is preferable that the guy uses those textures to help him construct the map into a more balanced and fun map in general.
You don´t work on how good a map looks like until you are sure it plays well.
But yeah, the name OrangeLand makes it seem like you are trying to make it into an orange map.

Try using props, will add a bit of the detail.
And change the default skybox.

Sometimes dev textures look better for maps.

If you add more detail, some of the grey dev textures can be worked in to make it look badass.

Good idea!
Kay guys, i’m working on it now.
(slight procrastination involved)

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Uh, i completely forgot to put up a download link…
It should be up along with updated photos in some weird date that you guys wont see coming.

Download link will be up soon.
Gosh darnit, even those pictures are outdated…

Download links are up.
I’ll update the pictures soon, I promise.

Does anyone even care about this?
I’d appreciate some comments atleast.

Alright I´m just going to go out and say, I think Facepunch isn´t the right place for you to do this type of thing.
I´d say start fresh on TF2Maps.net, it´s the perfect website for constructing a tf2 map from scratch.

Why not? We handle all source maps on this forum…

Not only is TF2Maps.net also helpful, it is basically a very well known website for this type of thing.
They also have what they call gamedays which would be perfect for this guy to get some good criticism on how to make the map better competitively.
Plus Facepunch is more well known for its Gmod maps, so there is that as well.

Did you not notice that the mapping section really doesn’t care about those lines? It is source, people will release stuff here.