#CTG Active Admins|New Server|PVP|Sleepers|No Bullshit

I would like to introduce a new server within Rust.

CTG is a server found by a group of friends and myself. After countless exploits and general asshattery we have been unfortunate enough to endure on other servers, we felt we could do a better job addressing fellow players concerns and assist in issues they experience.

We generally operate under the universal rule of “Don’t be an asshole” on issues.

Other rules of our server are as follows:
• Building walls and objects on other players foundations is forbidden.
•Hacking and exploiting or duping is forbidden (obviously)

Our server features:
•Sleepers enabled
•PvP Enabled
•Active mature admins
•Client Timeout enabled for dupe prevention
•Streamer Friendly

We look forward to seeing you out there.