cthulhu model request

now i dont know why no one has made a model but i would very much like to see a model of cthulhu.
it would be awesome to have one and it would be cooler if it was my avatar which is cthulhu
iv been waiting a long time for this and i think it would be great whoever creates it

srry for bumping but everyone seems to think this is not important.

You realize how big Cthulhu is right, he’s supposed to be humongous and would be impossible to pose with out major lag.

well im not asking for the huge cthulhu im asking for the cthulhu that looks like my avatar which again is him

Cthulhu is Cthuhlu what do you mean? He’s gigantic it’s not going to happen unless you scale it down a lot.

maybe he can be like the size of the combine hunter from hl2 ep2
i dont know but i dont want it bigger the strider

Cthulhu Barney replacement.