I can’t believe no one has requested this!!!

How awsome would it be to have a motherfucking Cthulhu ragdol!!?!?



Oh, that would redefine awesome! Might be tricky though, since there’s no real consensus as to how it looks. Looking at the rough scale of it, it would be something like twice the size of the Nihilanth.

Too big for any source engine map to handle.

It doesn’t actually have to be that size, you know.

I’d honestly have to agree. In fact, he could be pint-sized :smiley:


But what fun is that? I was thinkin’ he could be about the size of the thing from Silent Hill that was ported for Gmod.

You’re stark raving mad.

That said, there are some serious troubles with this: For one just creating a decent Cthulhu static prop model would take aens to get right, on a decent poly count, and then the texturing. Oh god the texturing.
After that comes rigging the model, and this baby would need some serious jigglebone treatment for the tentacle.
It’d far outweigh the use of the model to make this. No point.

This would be one of the hardest character models ever as far as I know. I couldn’t imagine the nightmare of rigging all his tentacles properly, or UV mapping the fucker and skinning it for that matter.

It WOULD be a pretty bad ass model though.

I want it as a player model :smug:
and a SWEP

Let’s make an RP with the playermodel.

Here’s the problem: Cthulhu works as a monster because he literally defies description. Any visual representation of Cthulhu is going to fall short of what people expect. This is especially true for a game model because, short of serious modding of the engine, it will follow basic reality.

Hell, just R’lyeh would be beyond the capacities of the Source engine short of creative and demanding use of hidden teleporters. Modern game engines just cannot handle non-euclidean geometry.